Fencing update

We have secured fencing funding from the school and council.  However we’re not yet entirely sure exactly how much or when the fencing construction  will begin.
Please note that over the next few weeks you may see people coming into take measurements etc they bring vehicles es on-site when construction starts.  You can ask to see ID or report sightings if  you suspect they are not council or construction workers.
The construction will mainly effect B field, and please be aware that plots might get trod on and things broken in the course of construction . If you have anything of value take it home or keep it safe elsewhere, BLAA cannot be held responsible.
Hopefully it will not inconvienence anyone to much but we are working hard to make the site safer and so please bear with us at this time.

The Coffee Run

The Coffee Run is a brand new environmental project being launched by Oxford Hub and Oxford Circular Collective. We will be taking “waste” coffee grounds from Oxford cafes to local allotments where they can be used as fertiliser to grow new produce. The Deliveroo-style transportation process involves university students cycling between a pick-up and drop-off point in the city, carrying coffee grounds in a bike trailer. If you would like to be involved in the project (for example coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs at Barracks Lane, or helping to plan how to actually use the fertiliser) then come along to our open meeting 6-7:30pm on Thursday 19th January, in the Large Meeting Room at the Oxford Hub. Check out our website or recent feature in the Oxford Mail to learn more, and if you have any questions, just email hello@oxfordhub.org.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – hope it has been a good growing year for you all.  We’ve had a  very productive year as an association, the shed came down and the container went in (thanks to Time Wiseman, Andy Wilson and Andrew Fairweather-Tall), we have a new noticeboard (thanks again to Tim Wiseman) and a back account thanks to the hard work of Dominic Parkinson (who has sadly left us as a committee member and allotment holder).  We’ve had a several successful social and fundraising events thanks to Pam Wilson and Jenny Tamargo and everyone who attended.  We also came 2nd as a site in the Oxford allotment competition as well as several individuals picking up awards.
The working parties have also been a success – we’ve managed to  clear Danny’s old plot and bring it back into cultivation – a big thank you to everyone who has come along to those and supported.
A couple of notes and updates – 
If you are burning stuff on your plot please please make sure its dead and dry.  Look around to see if anyone is about and ensure the smoke will not disturb them.  Avoid burning on warm days when it is likely that surrounding houses will have windows open and washing up. Please don’t burn rubbish, particularly plastics.
We are planning to develop the top area into a picnic/wildlife area and build in a special bonfire area.  For the moment please avoid adding anything more to the bonfire as we need to get rid of it all before we can proceed. there is a lot of rubbish on there at the moment (old carpets etc) – it is a bonfire area not a  rubbish tip!
Sadly we have lost Dominic Parkinson as treasurer but we have gained two new committee members….
Pam Wilson will be joining us as the new treasurer and Corrinne Prescott has joined us as co-field secretary.  Thank you and welcome.
The association can’t run without committee members so please consider joining next year – we are always looking for members.

2016 AGM minutes

REPORT:  Barracks Lane Allotments Annual General Meeting

17th November 2016, Regal Community Centre

Attendees:  Rebecca  Mead (Membership secretary), Andrew Fairweather-Tall (Field Secretary and Chair), Sarah Baker-Wilkes (Committee) Megan Harcourt (Secretary), David Mead, Andy Wilson,  Stephen Pegg, Tony Brett, Corinne Prescott, Franco De Matteo,  Vincent Fagen, Robert Grayson, Jane??


  1. AGM2015 Minute

Approved as an accurate record.  Some action points to be carried over.


  1. Election of committee and vacancies

Andrew Fairweather-Tall relected for Field Secretary and chair and seconded  by Sarah Baker-Wilkes. No objections.

Noted that Andrew would like to hand over both chair and field secretary next year and is looking for someone willing to hand over to.

Rebecaa Mead relected for Membership secretary. No objections.

Noted that Rebecca would like to hand over next year and is looking for someone to hand over to.

Megan Harcourt relected as secretary  Approved by attendees.

Pam Wilson nominated for Treasurer.  Seconded by Sarah Wilkes. No objections.

There were no other nominations for the roles above.

It is noted that both Andrew and Rebecca will be stepping down from their respective roles next year. If  no one is willing to come forward the association will find itself in difficulties.

Mowing rota discussed – Megan Harcourt to step down and Andy Wilson to take place.  Otherwise it will stay the same.

Volunteers for committee asked for.

Email out job description of committee roles.

Email out mowing rota to see if there are any volunteers.

Dominic to hand over treasurer role to Pam with whole committee present.





  1. Reports

Treasurer Accounts

We looked at interim accounts for income /expenditure and these had not yet been audited, however they were agreed in principle by attendees.

It is noted that there is extra income from two grants but they have been paid in since bank account opened and were dated from last year.

Notable expenses – the container.

We are on budget and broke even this year.

Cash in hand terminology queries – when audited this will be changed to something more appropiate.

Noted that £2000.00 of the surplus is reserved in case the association collapses.

PW to create a list of assets.

Field and Membership Secretary

We are now full with a small waiting list.

1 plot is being held back for a polytunnel.

16 plots have been let out over the year (some twice) – a big thank you to Rebecca for working so hard.

The allotment is being fully utilized.

We have had several successful working parties – “Danny’s” plot is now back in cultivation.

Vinny and Sarah have been putting in lots of hard work on B12.

Formal thanks to Tim Wiseman for the noticeboard.

AGM next Thursday

AGENDA, Barracks Lane Allotments Annual General Meeting

17th November 2016, 7.15pm, Regal Community Centre, Ridgefield Road


Cheques should be made payable to ‘Barracks Lane Allotments’

  1. AGM 2015  Minutes
  2. Election of Committee
    1. Up for re-election are:
  • Secretary – Megan Harcourt
  • Membership Secretary – Rebecca Mead (Plots A16 and A17f)
  • Sarah Baker-Wilkes – Committee member (Plots A45b and A46)
    1. Vacancies
  • Field Secretary:
  • Treasurer: nomination Pam Wilson
  • Secretary: nomination for Megan Harcourt
  • Mowing rota
  1. Reports
    1. Treasurer:
      1. Accounts and budget for 2016-17
    2. Field and Membership Secretaries
      1. Membership, working parties and field report
    3. Changing the lock on gate
    4. New eviction procedure of neglected plots
    5. Fencing update
    6. Any other business


    1. Project ideas – which come under  the aims of the association (see below)
    2. Ideas for working party projects
    3. Other ideas relating to Aims in the Constitution


  1. To promote the interests of the Members with regard to good cultivation, management and enjoyment of the allotments.
  2. To ensure that as many plots as possible are allocated and cultivated in accordance with its rules.
  3. To manage, maintain and improve the site responsibly and sustainably, respecting the environment, and to encourage and educate others to do the same.
  4. To respect the terms of the Lease with Oxford City Council (‘the Lease’).
  5. To work with Oxford City Council, the Oxford & District Federation of Allotment Associations, and other organisations and individuals in furtherance of our aims.