Did you know we share the allotments with two organisations who work with children?

The Association doesn’t only grow vegetables. The Association is committed to working with the community to promote healthy living and growing your own food. Find out more about our links with Comper Foundation Forest School and Woodcraft (https://woodcraft.org.uk/)

Lucy Ginsburg, Forest School leader writes:

You may have seen groups of young children running up the hill at the allotments.  They are on their way to Forest School, which is located at the top of the allotments in the last three plots.  Small groups of children aged 4 and 5 come from Comper Foundation Stage School and East Oxford Primary School once a week throughout the year to the Forest School site.  They experience all weathers – wind, rain, frost, snow, sun and cloud.  They engage in a wide range of activities including playing hide and seek, climbing trees, making dens, exploring, cutting wood, playing with mud and clay, fire making and cooking.  They also love looking at the different plots and finding out about growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and froglets. Mostly they have fun and experience the outdoors in a way they might not be able to in their home environment. Thank you for letting us have this wonderful place in the allotments. 


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