Committee news

We start the year stronger as a community, and, finally, with a working bank account with, as mandated by the AGM, the Coop. Now we have finally a place for our money that is separate from the Bartlemas Association, our Association can invest in improvements. The first of which, the shed, was demolished by two members – Andy Wilson and Tim Wiseman – who by doing this saved the Association about £3000 it was going to cost to have it done by the Council. We owe them a great deal of thanks for their community spirit (and also painkillers for strained backs!). We are about to order a container to replace it. Preliminary work cleared a couple of trees on the boundary with the road. The first working party will remove the debris and tidy the area. We expect delivery in late March or early April.

The committee is proposing two Association goals to raise further funding for over the next year or two: communal polytunnels and a composting toilet. More on this in the next few months but do let the committee know what you think. If you have any further thoughts on goals that meet our Association Aims (here: then please do suggest them either in person to committee members or via email.

The committee also agreed to enter the Oxford and District  Federation of Allotment Associations  (O&DFAA) competition for the Alderman Knight Award for the Best Kept Allotment Site and to nominate members in the categories of best newcomers and best plots – fancy a challenge and want to enter. Please get in touch (and we might also be contacting you!).


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